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"The service that this project offers is essential and rare for me, because it gives a new look to the process of end of life, and of succession, and does honor to our humanity and to what is most important to us. say and convey.

  In the face of death, most of life can be seen with clarity; Life is wonderful and fertile with wisdom, and it is so precious to transmit this wisdom if it is possible for us to do so. For everyone, this can manifest itself in a different way: verbal, historical, creative, emotional, material, technical, through the transmission of know-how. Everything can become a transmission medium, honoring what we are and the love we have for those around us.

   It is my wish for myself and for my loved ones, that the end of life is not simply envisaged as a material succession, an administrative and mortuary concern, and institutional discussion. That the opportunity is given to transmit is essential for a human being, death then turns out to be a magnificent opportunity to clarify and harmonize our relationships, revealing our deepest wish to share and to be in simple connection. "


"This project is very beautiful. I feel that it is an approach that is filled with brilliance. It is too good to wake up life in our seniors because they have already had a lifetime. Respect! and give the opportunity to reveal their secrets, the little things buried humbly or forgotten. It’s true, it’s too good to hear all this waking up. Traces of life, there are so many great old cars in garages, it takes driving and hearing the beauty of their old engine.

  This is unique and it transmits wisdom that we do not suspect. It allows you to see and realize that there is no wrinkle in the eyes, that the living is limitless.

   Thank you for this project, I feel it very well. it touches me, .. I loved hearing my grandmother speak to me .. during all of her last 5 years of life .. I went to see her every week and she told me !! Yes. it made me man ... to listen to him. "


This project speaks to me of an interest in the daily battles from which we are all built, and the sharing of which helps us to carry them out without ever giving up finding life beautiful and the meaning it gives to our short terrestrial trajectories. It is a great step to offer to testify, rightly bringing back everyone's life experience that can enrich the lives of other people, precisely because we can think of ourselves as ordinary people.


I like the concept of leaving behind the legacy of a video, filming a specific moment. Talking to loved ones is sometimes so difficult, and then when we lose someone, we miss their voice and facial expressions. Watching this video from time to time lets us remember.


There are things in life we would love to share with our beloved ones but we simply just don´t dare or it`s never the right moment. This service is giving you the time and space to tell your story in your own rhythm and to just be yourself.

Towards the last part of our lifes we often see things from another point of view. Our focus is changing and we can see the bigger picture. We reflect in a different way than before and sharing our wisdom can serve others to lead a more „fulfilled life“. And that truly is what we are all looking for. 

Diane Sergent accompanies you through a beautiful and intense journey across your life using her experience, professional knowledge and her great openness. Her creative approach and her gentle implementation takes you and your beloved ones on a path full of traces worth sharing. You will find a safe and comfortable environment to speak out in a way you might never have before. It´s an amazing opportunity to not only leave a trace on your own path but in the heart of the people you love.

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