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 My interest in people and the relationship they have with the world around them is surely partly linked to the multiple family context in which I grew up. The resources, solutions and talents that each one implements, in its crossing of existence always fascinated me.

   So, I turned to two training courses in parallel, to feed my gaze: the study of human behavior, and its psycho-emotional functioning during training as a clinical psychologist, and on the other hand systemic and family therapy that is interested in relationships. This last approach, takes a look at the human being who is interested in his knowledge of being and his skills. This look is at the heart of my support.


Relational changes organize human life, and leave traces that can benefit everyone.

   My path was oriented towards supporting the elderly, bereaved and people at the end of life. So, I specialized in this particular support. Subsequently, my path focused for a while on supporting children, to move towards supporting people with disabilities.

   Thus, my diverse experience, allows me to see that transmission is at the heart of any relationship. No matter the age and the circumstances of life, the desire to share and receive is present, and can be a precious and powerful tool for meeting and opening up to new possibilities.

    Having lived in several countries, the cultural question directs my gaze and my support, and allows me to offer this service also in English and Spanish.

Draw : Memph

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