You want to transmit an experience or a trace of your life journey. I suggest to you accompany you on this path of expression and transmission.

   During my various experiences, in particular of elderly people in institutions and their entourage, I had the opportunity to create workshops, entitled "life stories", and to accompany people in this path of expression and transmission of personal experiences. The benefit of these workshops was global (person, family, healthcare team), and fueled my thinking to offer this service and support, to share, a story, an experience, an anecdote, a significant moment, via the image animated video. The latter offers a different look, another possibility to express and relate, as well as a different trace to those around us.

    The human offers to his entourage during his existence, pearls of wisdom (know how to be, know how, know), which I suggest you record. So your traces of life can contribute to future generations, nourishing the family bond by sharing a video.

    The service is personalized according to demand and the project.

Possible meetings at home or in an institution. Possibility to add photos to the video montage, images of places or family gatherings.

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